Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yeah, I've Been Busy! (Car Surfing)

New house, grandchild, work, etc., etc... But it is time to get TCOR back on the road! Here is a short thought just to get me back in the habit.

I tend to spend an abnormal amount of time surfing car-related sites. My tastes are all over the place, with a little bit for everyone. Here's a quick sample of where I can be found:

AutoBlog - A good general automotive interest site. Particularly good coverage of auto shows and industry news.

Jalopnik - Originally this was a very snarky and occasionally rude site. It has now generally grown up, with breaking news, reviews, and a crowd of decent writers.

The Truth About Cars - Another older site with good, daily content. TTAC features one of my favorite bloggers, Steven Lang. A used car dealer in the Atlanta area,  I find his insights on the ins and outs of the trade, and particularly auctions, simply fascinating.

Edmunds Long-Term  Road Test Updates - This mainstay of Internet car coverage is of course primarily focused on providing information for prospective new car buyers. I don't find much value in the traditional short road test popular on many car sites. But I like this feature, where staff members post short articles about their daily adventures with the wide variety of cars in Edmunds' long term fleet. And it is not all Camcords and SUVs, the fleet currently includes a Porsche 991 cabriolet, a Tesla Model S, and a new C7 Corvette. They just sold their long-term '87 Buick Grand National! These year long log book comments give readers a much better idea of what it is like to live with a car, rather than simply test drive it.

Curbside Classic and Daily Turismo - Both are fun sites to quickly slide through, aggregating found by the side of the road photos and Internet sales listing for interesting, usually older cars. Often a journey down memory lane, where suddenly a '74 Maverick is kind of interesting simply because you haven't seen one in a couple of decades.

Bring a Trailer - If you have not been to BAT, go now. As addictive a site as a car person can stand. Just go look.

CarGurus - This is my current go-to site for car shopping, particularly related to fairly accurate pricing.

So... Those are the sites that make up my almost every evening Internet car surf. I also tend to wander around Rennlist, the Pelican Parts Porsche board, and a few other spots on occasion. 

What are some of your favorite car websites?