Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gentlemen, start your engines!

I prefer the Formula One style standing start over the NASCAR or Indianapolis 500 rolling start. Perhaps it is the anticipation of the green lights or the sheer excitement of what is essentially a drag race for the first corner. Or maybe it is just that I have always liked F1, with its exotic tracks around the world ("It is a rainy, slippery track here at Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix") and names like Ferrari, McLaren, Senna, Stewart, and Fangio.

Of course the old Le Mans start was the best, with drivers sprinting across the track to jump in their cars. Supposedly this is why Porsches feature the ignition on the left of the steering wheel, allowing drivers to turn the key and put the car in gear simultaneously. But couldn't drivers just leave the car in gear and engage the clutch as they crank the starter? Oh well, it is a good story.

Starting a blog about cars seems to present the same challenge, do you get up to speed and cross the starting line with a crowd of posts jockeying for position, or should you just drop the clutch and go for it? Despite my fondness for F1 I'm going with the American model. I think readers  will get a better sense of track conditions if they have a bunch of posts to read from the beginning (well, eventually someone will stumble across TCOR by mistake and read something, right?). Anyway, it would upset the dogs if I ran across the room and jumped into the computer chair every time I wanted to work on the this thing...

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